Let Us Help Bring More Business To You!

This is a 1-Time Offer From The Kellogg Group Corp. Marketing (Plano, Texas) to work for your company to bring in New Business (i.e. More Money).

We will immediately send the Qualified Buyers’ Information Referral Lead Form to your business email relating the product or service they are interested in purchasing.

Our program will cost your location $33 per month and will start within 30 days from the time you sign on.

Your company will be the only business type in your Zip Code area. We offer this program to you as our exclusive business type and, because of time constraints, we ask you to sign up for our program now! 

We offer this program to you as our exclusive business type and, because of time constraints, we ask you to sign up for our program now!

This is a big savings off our regular price, so please sign up now to get started. Otherwise, we will sign up another competing business like yours in your area.
Thanks for your time. Please scroll down to the Red Button below to become our exclusive type business. Thank you!

Looking for Deal On High Priced Item

Automobiles, Motorcycles, Airplanes, RV, Homes, Realtor, Boats, Fine Jewelry, Mortgage Loans, Swimming Pools, Group Photographers, Travel Agents, etc.

Sample Lead Form Emailed to Seller

The lead form is sent to our authorized seller member immediately by email to start working on making the sale.

Closing the Sale

Closing the Best Deal for the Customer or Client.

When our Member-Buyers (Executives, Teachers, Seniors, Professionals, Families, Etc.) are searching for the best deal on a product or service, they go to our website and enter their Zip Code (on their phone or computer). They will immediately receive a REFERRAL Information Form online to fill out and submit. 

The form is sent by email directly to our your business, so you can contact them immediately and offer your Services. It's Fast and Simple! You will also receive referrals after hours 24/7 so check your email. 

Based on your location and your type of business, we estimate from 10 to 20 new customer leads sent within the 90-day trial period.

Note: Many of our members will make a purchase using our site, not only because of the incentive, but also because we donate a percentage of our income to the Children's Health Center Texas.

We offer this Special Price of just $33 per month for a 3-month period as a one-time Introductory Price. You receive an unlimited number of our member-buyers sent to you.


The 90-Day Plan Start Dates are: August 1, 2018 to October 30, 2018.

Call 214-295-6210 for Questions.

Program Director will contact you within 24 hours to start setting up your Special Deal.