TheBestDealPlace.com is where our member-buyers go to search in their area for a major item or service they want to purchase.

When our Member-Buyers (Executives, Teachers, Seniors, Professionals, Families, Etc.) are searching for the best deal on a product or service, they go to our website and enter their Zip Code (on their phone or computer). They will immediately receive a Best Deal Information Form online to fill out and submit.

The form is sent by email directly to our Exclusive Business – your business, so you can contact them immediately and offer your Best Deal. It's Fast and Simple!

NOTE: Exclusive Business means that ONLY ONE of the same type of business in a Zip Code area will receive their Best Deal Information Form.

See form sample below.

Based on your location and your type of business, we estimate from 20 to 100 new customer leads sent within the 90-day trial period. When our buying member receives your incentive by email, they can go directly to your website.

Many of our members will make a purchase using our site, not only because of the incentive, but also because we donate a percentage of our income to the Children's Health Center Texas.

We offer this Special Price of just $33 per month for a 3-month period as a one-time Introductory Price. You receive an unlimited number of our member-buyers sent to you. 

Our Program Director will contact you shortly to ask you about an incentive you might want to add to possibly expedite the close of the sale.

The 90-Day Plan Start Dates are: June 15, 2018 to September 15, 2018.

Call 214-295-6210 for Questions.

Below is a sample form you will receive at your specified email address about your new customer/client to contact.

Call 214-295-6210 to sign up for the exclusive 90 day trial, Thank You.